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Re: coreutils and GNU_PROGRAM_PREFIX

On Wed, 30 May 2012 16:35:09 +0300
Aleksey Cheusov <> wrote:

> Well, binutils uses different prefix: gnu-.
> Obviously we can move tools to gnu/bin/ but I'm not sure about default
> prefix in bin/.
> "g" or "gnu-"?
> No time to analyse groff. I'll look at it later.

groff is a different case, no?  There's no "roff" since, I don't know,
the PDP-11 or something.  

The project refers to itself as "groff" and the documentation
alternately uses "groff" or "troff" to refer to the GNU and AT&T
implementations, respectively.  GNU has a troff implementation, and
its groff and troff behave differently.  


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