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Re: coreutils and GNU_PROGRAM_PREFIX

On 30. 5. 2012, at 15:35, Aleksey Cheusov wrote:

>> Actually, binutils use GNU_PROGRAM_PREFIX for the same purpose (the default
>> prefix for all binaries). I can fix them - so that prefix-less symlinks are 
>> created
>> under ${PREFIX}/gnu/bin too.
> Well, binutils uses different prefix: gnu-.
> Obviously we can move tools to gnu/bin/ but I'm not sure about default
> prefix in bin/.
> "g" or "gnu-"?

Doh. Somehow I have believed there has always been a default for 
GNU_PROGRAM_PREFIX, and there's not… :)

I wonder if there was any particular reason to set the default prefix to gnu-, 
or just personal preference.


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