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kqueue for glib (was Re: CVS commit: wikisrc/light-desktop)

Changed from www-changes to pkgsrc-users and bcc'd Julio:

On Tue, 22 May 2012, Julio Merino wrote:

> > Log Message:
> > mention fam
> Ew (for FAM).
> What exactly uses FAM?  Is it because something depends on gio-fam?
> We should be able to use the new kqueue support in glib2 instead if
> that's the case!

The desktop and the filemanager (same software) use gio-fam to monitor 
for file changes.  No kqueue mentioned in the glib-2.32.3 source.

I see it in pkgsrc options.... commented out. And no checksum. And the 
patch is for 2.30.3 and doesn't apply against 2.32.3

Ah, I forgot about it:
(The other webpages for the student are not available now.)

I don't know if is integrated upstream or not.

I couldn't find any glib bugs about it. I couldn't find changelog (I 
didn't fetch source). I only found kqueue in old ticket for macosx:

I found that openbsd uses it by default for its glib and points to a 
newer patch that does apply.

I had to update automake to 1.11 but I installed 1.12. pkgsrc failed on 
many warnings from it. Actually the Makefile bugs are from many places 
(even some unrelated to patch) due to automake being more strict. After 
patching a few makefiles, I got it to build and install. I stopped 
rpcbind and famd. I deleted my gio-fam package. And restarted my desktop 
by itself. It appears to work to recognize file changes immediately. (In 
fact, several seconds faster than FAM.)

Thanks for the hint.

So who will maintain the patch? Who will work with glib to integrate it?
(I can respond to the macos bug.)

On that note, pkgsrc has 38 patches for glib2. We need to get them 
submitted upstream. Anyone working on that?

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