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Re: Dead keys still not working in GTK Emacs

On Sun, Apr 29, 2012 at 03:01:00PM +0200, Ian D. Leroux wrote:
> For years now I have been trying to track down a bug in dead key
> handling in emacs-gtk with UTF-8 locales.  For the historically
> minded, the original netbsd-users thread starts at
> while the subsequent discussion with the upstream maintainers is here:
> Progress has been slow because upstream cannot reproduce the bug, and
> I have no experience of X11 programming.
> To recap, the problem I see is that dead keys, such as ` on the
> us-international keyboard, give me error messages like <dead-grave is
> undefined> instead of being combined with the following character.
> Poking around with gdb has so far revealed that XIM is somehow
> disabled on the emacs window, which consequently tries to use the
> latin1-only XLookupString API instead of the unicode-enabled
> XmbLookupString.
> The problem is specific to emacs: firefox, urxvt, and xterm handle
> dead keys correctly.  I am running NetBSD/amd64 -current, with current
> pkgsrc.  Possibly relevant environment variables:
> I'm out of my depth, and would appreciate some help.
> 1- Can anyone else reproduce this bug?  I'd like to find out if it is
>   NetBSD specific, amd64-specific, configuration-specific ...
>   If dead keys in emacs-gtk work for you and you use a UTF-8 locale, I
>   would still like to hear from you.  The more known-good
>   configurations I know about, the better I can constrain the problem.

I have a similar problem with Multi_key. I've defined "keycode 115 =
Multi_key" using xmodmap and it works everywhere, except in emacs as
its own X11 window. emacs in a text terminal is fine.

emacs as X application says:
<Multi_key> is undefined
when I press the key.

That's on NetBSD-current/amd64 also with current pkgsrc, in case it
matters, but I have this issue for a long time.

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