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Re: Bison Incompatible Types

Hello all,

On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 1:14 PM, Stephen Nelson-Smith
<> wrote:
> Still trying to build scmgit, I'm now blocked on bison:


> My guess is that var->hidden_by->loc isn't const and var->loc is (or
> vice versa), so the compiler doesn't know what the constness of the
> ternary is.  I tried forcing both arms of the ternary with (const):
>  location id_loc = var->hidden_by ? (const) var->hidden_by->loc : (const)
>            var->loc;
> But the subsequent bmake gives:
> "/opt/pkgsrc/devel/bison/work/bison-2.5/src/scan-code.l":line 21:
> Error: missing translation value
> At this point, I'm thoroughly out of my depth, so I'm not sure where to go 
> next.
> Any suggestions?

This remains unresolved.  If we care enough about supporting Sun
Studio, this needs to be looked at.  I might have the time to dig
deeper next week.  In the meantime, I followed Hans' advice, and
bootstrapped gcc34, which works fine.



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