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Re: [HEADS UP] packages not supporting destdir

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> Last call:

I strongly object such "last calls" that affect packages in use like:

> courier-authlib-0.63.0

Used in any Courier installation.

> darcs-2.0.2nb4
> ghc-6.8.3nb2

Used by any Haskell user, darcs being used even outside Haskell community.

> nhc98-1.18nb2

Still may be used by some Haskell users.

> ocsigen-0.6.0nb4
> wxhaskell-0.9.4nb19

Still may be used by some O'Caml (e.g. my colleague) and Haskell users.

> I plan to remove these packages after the freeze if noone converts
> them. There was plenty of time.

No, there wasn't, and there's still no need to remove them until it is
proved that these packages don't build and don't install for a long time.

In particular, courier-authlib does build and does work for me, I'm using
it actively, Courier is my IMAP server at work. And I don't and shouldn't
care as a pragmatical user whether it follows some new guidelines pushed
by few developers or not. If someone pushes for these new ways, they
should fix packages themselves but packages should still build and work.
I don't have time to convert everything that just silently works for me
to some new-fashioned guidelines. If you think this is too harsh,
substitute me by some system administrator who suddenly finds that
packages important for his mail server or web server to function
suddenly get removed just for the sake of some imaginary "clean" or
"true" way. This does not make pkgsrc look good. We shouldn't behave
like linux community in their attitude to doing things in "new ways."

(Just to reiterate there wasn't enough time. I started updating ocsigen
and did update some of its dependencies. Then the life, more important tasks,
and freeze intervened, and thus I didn't finish the work.)


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