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Re: net/wireshark looks for wrong python version on 6.0_BETA/i386

It was an administrator (me) error.

On the problem machine, at some time in the past, I was experimenting
with some 3rd-party software that expected the python interpreter to be
simply named 'python', not 'pythonX.Y', so I made a hard link
"/usr/local/bin/python" to "/usr/pkg/bin/python2.6" (of NetBSD5.1

When wireshark's configure script went looking for python, it found my
old stale binary (thanks to the hard link) and determined to use it, so
it failed when it tried to locate its now long-gone libraries.

Here's a case where a broken symlink would have been a good thing.

Maybe also an argument for the autoconf folks to test whether any
particular language interpreter works, like they do with C compilers.
That would have flagged the problem in the configure phase rather than
wait until late in the build phase.

Sorry for the noise.

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