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print/teTeX and print/tex-pdftools improvement-suggestion (patch attached)

Hello all,

I tried to install print/teTeX on a headless server, which, because of
being headless, has no x11 installed.
As some of you might imagine, I ran into some trouble, because several
dependencies required x11. I don't like to install x11 just for a few
tools included in teTeX, which are not vital for the system to work, so I
decided to add options-framework support to teTeX and one of its
dependencies, tex-pdftools.

The patches and files are attached as two separate tarballs,
each named after the appropriate package. It would be really great if
someone could review and commit them.

I have added an if-block to the files, which honors the perhaps
slightly archaic "NO_X11" variable - these lines might be unnecessary, but
I have added it because it might still be used - if not, feel free to
remove it.
It simply adds "-x11" to PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS if NO_X11 is defined and set
to YES (case doesn't matter), to ensure other packages using the options
framework and have x11 set by default (like fonts/t1lib) will honor the
-x11, too.




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