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Qwt update to 6.0.1 ?


was looking to update misc/zyGrib, but it has grown dependent on qwt-6.x
which apparently differs from qwt-5.x enough that a previous update to
6.0.0 broke the builds of dependent packages (and was reverted)

we have a couple of qwt packages,

x11/qwt - 5.0.2 (built against Qt3) I don't know if this is relevant,
                there are no dependent packages that I can see

x11/qwt-qt4 - 5.2.2 (built against Qt4) and this is depended on by
                graphics/scidavis and geography/qgis

So, what to do?  We have the latest releases of SciDAVis and QGIS in
pkgsrc already, so my suggestion would be

  create x11/qwt5-qt4 for 5.2.2 and point scidavis and qgis at it
  update x11/qwt-qt4 to 6.0.1 and point the updated zyGrib at it

but I'm open to other suggestions?

I guess that x11/qwt could also be retired?


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