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Re: pkgsrc cross compiling

 Have a look at

That was an insightful look into pkgsrc that I've long took for granted.  

My issue is, I'm trying to build arm-linux binaries on a Linux box with pkgsrc.

Building/installing native x86 Linux from pkgsrc is good.

The WebOS PDK comes with a gcc 4.3.3 cross compiler, ARM libaries, and headers 
in the respective directories:

All the instructions I've read so far require distcc, building a cross compiler 
from NetBSD etc...
I just need to force the binaries to a specific local directory structure.

My initial 'solution' was to place the path to the cross-compiler first, and 
this was promising, but configure script didn't like not being able to execute 
the test bin.
Then the whole build host dependencies, and target dependencies issue 
complicates things...

Any words of wisdom?


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