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Re: liferea vs. liferea-current

Moritz Wilhelmy <> writes:

> could someone please clarify what's the deal with these two packages?
> /usr/pkgsrc/www $ grep DIST liferea*/Makefile
> liferea-current/Makefile:DISTNAME=            liferea-1.6.7
> liferea/Makefile:DISTNAME=            liferea-1.4.28
> Why is there a need for liferea-current? Shouldn't 1.4.* be considered
> obsolete?  Shouldn't it be possible to just update the liferea port? 

Perhaps.  Generally, a 2nd package is added when someone thinks that
people will have trouble with the new one.  It may well be long past the
time that makes sense.

> (On another notice, both of them are outdated, the latest stable release
> liferea-1.8 was released 2011-12-10. Please see
> for more information. Should I file a PR?)

That's pretty recent..  Sometimes the people that maintain packages wait
a bit after a major release.

If you update the pacakge for 1.8, then sure a PR (with a diff, and a
commit message) is helpful.  Or you can email the non-maintainer (hint:
run cvs log on Makefile and figure out who's paying attention, noting
that recursive revision bumps due to shlib changes in dependencies do
not count).

If the update is not simple, or if there are reasons why someone might
not want to use 1.8, then it might make sense to create a package in

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