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liferea vs. liferea-current


could someone please clarify what's the deal with these two packages?

/usr/pkgsrc/www $ grep DIST liferea*/Makefile                                   
liferea-current/Makefile:DISTNAME=              liferea-1.6.7
liferea/Makefile:DISTNAME=              liferea-1.4.28

Why is there a need for liferea-current? Shouldn't 1.4.* be considered
obsolete?  Shouldn't it be possible to just update the liferea port? 

(On another notice, both of them are outdated, the latest stable release
liferea-1.8 was released 2011-12-10. Please see;a=blob_plain;f=ChangeLog;hb=liferea-1_8
for more information. Should I file a PR?)

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I'm not at all implying that you're
too slow, just mentioning it so that it doesn't get lost.

Best regards,


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