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Re: Good mail printing program; no muttprint?

On Jun 21,  9:49am, Mayuresh wrote:
} On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 07:40:53PM +0530, Mayuresh wrote:
} > What is a good mail printing program available in pkgsrc? I miss
} > muttprint.
} BTW, muttprint is available as a FreeBSD port. Does it make it any easier
} to create pkgsrc package from the same?

     There is pkgtools/port2pkg.  I don't know if it has kept up to
date with changes in pkgsrc and ports over the years.

     I'm guessing this is a request to import muttprint into pkgsrc?
It would be helpful if you provided the full path to it...

}-- End of excerpt from Mayuresh

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