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Re: Update pango to 1.29.4

On Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 06:55:33PM +0000, Patrick Welche wrote:
> Newish gtk3 needs pango >= 1.29.0, pango 1.29.5 needs glib >=2.31, so plump
> for pango 1.29.4 which only needs glib >= 2.26.

You seem to be following the unstable branches here.
GNOME is following the Linux convention that odd numbers are unstable and even 
numbers are stable releases.
We try to avoid having the unstable versions in pkgsrc, so please wait for a 
stable release before committing this.

> I not sure about the ABI_DEPENDS in buildlink3. I set it to 1.29.4. AFAICT
> programs compiled against 1.28.4.nb2 are happy without needing to be
> relinked, so is upping it necessary? API_DEPENDS correctly remains at 1.6.0.

Please read section 14.2.2 in the pgksrc guide and come back with any questions 

> I removed patch-aa as it risks making configure be regenerated, which isn't
> necessary as it is already patched by patch-ab.

That patch can be sent upstream while patch-ab can't.
Also, since the patches are applied alphabetically, configure should end up 
with a newer timestamp.

> I have tested with the libthai option. I don't have access to darwin to
> test that. In, there is reference to PLIST.carbon, but carbon
> is not listed in PLIST_VARS - can that work? Is carbon defined elsewhere?
> (I didn't find it in pkgsrc/mk)

/usr/pkgsrc/devel/pango/Makefile:PLIST_VARS+=           carbon

I'm not sure which of the answers your question, but one of them does :)

> If pango does work on darwin, there is a novelty in 1.29.4 which didn't
> exist in 1.28.4, which is a CoreText module. It seems that the configure
> script looks for CoreText. If it is found, pango installs the the coretext
> module, if not, it installs the atsui module. How does one do that sort
> of thing in pkgsrc? (PLIST would be different => invent VARS, but then
> what test do you use - add an option?) (The patch can be applied before
> this is sorted out, as it does no worse than what is here currently.)

When was CoreText added to Mac OS X? If it's old enough, just make it
default; if it's not old enough, make it optional default on and wait
if a Mac OS X users complains :)

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