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Re: Up-to-date browser?

On Thursday, 12. January 2012 at 12:33, 1126 wrote:
> > The pkgsrc system gets updated approximately quarterly, so there's
> > potential for at least a 3-month lag from that

> > […]
> > being as much as 6 months behind "cutting edge" for even a major
> > software packages like these doesn't surprise me.

There is of course the option to use the pkgsrc development branch (trunk), 
which will cut down on those 3 months PLUS if you update a package yourself, 
submit a PR for it and it will in most cases be in the main tree very quickly.

This is what I've been doing for the last year and I have constantly had better 
results running trunk than the quarterly (although partially because I'm using 
DragonFly and there's been a constant stream of fixes for DFly being 
incorporated, über 9000 thanks to marino & everyone else!). I've never seen 
instability from pkgsrc itself (although IIRC it didn't undergo major 
infrastructure changes in the time I've been using it, so watch out for those).


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