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pkgin 0.5.1 now available in pkgsrc

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Hi fellow pkgsrc users,

I am pleased to announce the release of the newest pkgin branch to pkgsrc. There have been many requests and many testers, thank you all !

Here are the main changes since 0.4:

  . Don't download packages when repository is a file:// scheme
  . Reduce verbosity when marking non-autoremovable packages
  . Keep going if unmet requirements are encountered and warn about
    it before proceeding
  . Always move pkg_install on top of the "to-upgrade" list
  . pkgin now depends on pkgsrc's pkg_install
  . Log timestamp
  . Better handling of pkg_install error logs
  . rec_pkglist() now takes a va_list
  . Added "requires" and "provides" to have a closer look on packages
  . Globs can now be passed as an argument for package installation, i.e.
    # pkgin in 'mysql-server<5.1'
  . Export / import a list of packages as requested by wiz@
  . Operations tracing flag (-t)
  . Database silent migration
  . More flexible check_yesno()
  . Made pkgin in / rm yes by default
  . One struct to rule them all (Pkglist)
  . Got rid of many useless lists (speed x10, literally)
  . Introduced FULLPKGNAME as db member, speed ups searches
  . unique_pkg(): no more "many versions of foo", pickup newer

As the changelog says, the database format slightly changed, although I've included a migration system, if you notice any inconsistency, simply delete /var/db/pkgin and rebuild the database using pkgin up.

It has been successfully built and tested on NetBSD 5, DragonFly BSD 2.10, OpenIndiana / Illumos 5.11, MINIX 3.1.8, Debian GNU/Linux 6 and Darwin/OS X 10.6.

pkgin 0.5.1 is available in pkgtools/pkgin, and as always, feedback and reports are greatly appreciated.


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