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Re: [Patch] www/opera outdated


On Fri, 30 Sep 2011 20:03:44 +0900, Julian Fagir <> 

currently, www/opera is fairly outdated with version 11.01 (spring '11) and
complains about this every time it starts.
Running 5.99.55, I just tried out 11.51 (current version of Opera), and so
far got no errors with light usage. Unfortunately, I have no 5.1 system around
for testing.

opera-11 does not work on NetBSD-5.1.
(some changes related to this issue were pulled up from current to netbsd-5 

The supplied patches make Opera go 11.51.

pkgsrc/wip/opera is already 11.51, and should match for desktop system.
I'm using it on NetBSD-5.1 + some patches taken from netbsd-5 branch and 

OBATA Akio /

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