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Thank you

Before I begin, I will point out that I am David Howland, with a 'w',
not to be confused with the dev with a similar name.

I wanted to write this message to express some long-overdue appreciation
for Thomas 'wiz' and the dozens of other pkgsrc devs, and the hours of
work you put in for the users.  I know that tracking updates, bugs, and
security vulns is a thankless job in spite of the importance it has for
everyone who depends on pkgsrc.  I've been taking advantage of it for 10
years now, so I owe you my thanks.  pkgsrc is an amazing system; have a
beer on me.

I also must express my delight that 'pkgin' has been created.  Finally! 
I use NetBSD in embedded applications on relatively lightweight
hardware, thus I prefer binary packages to compiling.  I could never
understand why I couldn't have something like "aptitude install
python26".  I don't know how I missed pkgin last year.  You rock, iMil. 
This needs to be added to the pkgsrc FAQ asap.


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