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Re: Changing default X11_TYPE from native to modular for some platforms

At 18:08 Uhr +0100 12.09.2011, David Brownlee wrote:

[netbsd-4 using modular X11]

>I agree its not ideal. If they were not building X11 apps then they
>will not notice any change. If they were now at least they have a
>better chance of being able to build them...
>I don't see why its !(i386 || amd64)  - surely all ports will be
>equally affected - or was that a reference to performance?

It was. Native X11 I can cross-build on a faster machine. That's one of the
main reasons for having X11 in base, isn't it?

How many packages does modular X11 consist of, typically? And they'll want
to get re-built whenever png, jpeg, perl & friends see an update. If one of
the packages doesn't build then - too bad, it's tier two, after all. No
xterm this week...


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