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Re: Pkgsrc 2011Q1 modular xserver broken.


Thank you to all who have posted.

I've found the source of my problem.

I have an 855GM graphics chipset and not a 915 as I posted earlier.

I tried upgrading to 5.1 and found that the native xorg server gave me the same 
problem (Unable to pin xv buffer.)  So I conclude that the modular xorg server 
from pkgsrc works and its a problem with the intel drivers having no fall back 
mode for kernels without drm, or lack of kernel support for drm on the 855GM 
chipset.  Intel driver 2.4.3 works for me no problems so I will stick with 
5.0.1 for now.  So once again thank you to all.

My only question is whether to start a thread on tech-x11? or start a dialogue 
with the intel driver people as to why the xvideo driver doesn't work without 
drm and it used to? (In my opinion it should do both.)

I am also considering buying another laptop of the same model and donating it 
to the project.  As I've written and borrowed some custom drivers for screen 
brightness and hotkeys and the touch screen, which I think should be included 
in the kernel.  I have no idea how to go about that though.

Any insight into my next best course of action will be appreciated. 

Once again,  many thanks.

Best regards,


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