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Re: Pkgsrc 2011Q1 modular xserver broken.

> Hi

> I'm using pkgsrc-2011Q1 and have built the modular xorg server from
> pkgsrc(including meta pkgs:fonts libs drivers and apps).

> When I run the x server /usr/pkg/bin/X all I get is a blank screen.
blank screen probably means that X is up and running but there are no
any X application running. Try to press Cntl-Alt-F2, login, and run, for
example, xterm -display :0. Then switch to X to see the result.

> So my questions are:
> Has anybody successfully run the modular xserver from pkgsrc-2011Q1?
I've been using modular X from pkgsrc-current for a few years.
It works just fine on 5.1. It also worked fine for me on 5.0

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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