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Re: Opera from pkgsrc 2011Q1 crashes whole system, NetBSD 5.1


> Hi, I have installed NetBSD 5.1 and yesterday pkgsrc 2011Q1. I have
> installed www/opera and when I try to start it, it freezes and then
> crashes whole system. I am new to NetBSD so please give me some
> information what can I look for. There is no error in the terminal,
> just te CPU usage jumps to 100% and after that system freezes and
> restarts.
with a less recent pkgsrc, but also with NetBSD 5.1, I had several
uninplemented iocalls, see PR pkg/44650, and Opera crashing (but not the
Perhaps it's related to that. Having NetBSD-current, Opera runs fine.

Starting Opera from an X-terminal or even with ktruss you will see more error

Regards, Julian

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