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Re: pkg_comp and pkg_chk

Stefano Marinelli <> writes:

> Hello everybody. Trying to compile packages using pkg_chk inside a
> pkg_comp chroot.
> I generate a list of packages using the pkg_chk -g and copy it into the 
> chroot.
> Then launch "pkg_chk -au -C namefile.conf" and it starts
> building. After some minutes, it stops with something like that:
> ERROR: [] A package matching ``gmake>=3.81'' should
> ERROR:     be installed, but one cannot be found.  Perhaps there is a
> ERROR:     stale work directory for ../../devel/gmake?
> *** Error code 1
> Actually it built gmake but didn't install it. Same happens with other
> packages (and other dependancies). Am I doing
> anything wrong? I was following this:

You forgot to post mk.conf

Probably you have PKG_DEVELOPER=yes and DEPENDS_TARGET=package.  Change
that to package-install.

This is not really about pkg_comp or pkg_chk; it's a general issue.

Probably we should have DEPENDS_TARGET=package be an error with

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