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Re: Slightly confused about -current.

On Sat, 05 Mar 2011 11:46 -0600, "Michael D. Norwick"
<> wrote:
> What is the appropriate way to let the developers know I experienced a
> build failure and how I resolved it.  Or, do I save bandwidth and just
> push on through?  I have not read all of the html docs in the new pksrc-
> readmes.tar.bz2 but, I'm working on it. Also, how often does one get
> the present (current) src and pkgsrc tarballs? Is it more efficient to
> CVS it all?

Note that current-users@ is for discussion of the current version of the
NetBSD *base* system.  Your question appears to be about the current
version of pkgsrc, which is mostly discussed on pkgsrc-users@.  I'm
shifting the conversation there. That said:
- Once you have a the sources installed, it is much more efficient to
  keep your sources up-to-date by downloading just the changes (via cvs
  or another mechanism) than to re-download the whole tarball.  So yes,
  "CVS it all" is a good answer (and is what I do).
- If you have a bug such as a build failure, the most useful thing to do
  is to file a PR.  If you don't know enough about the problem to do so,
  then asking for help on the lists is appropriate (though you'll often
  be told to file a PR anyway, to make sure your report doesn't get
  forgotten about).  That said, for build failures which go away just by
  updating the sources I wouldn't bother, as the problem has already
  been fixed.

Hope that helps,

Ian Leroux

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