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Re: Some X programs don't build with native X window system

On Thu, Mar 03, 2011 at 09:06:10AM -0800, Stefan Schaeckeler wrote:
> For me, it's a bug in the configure script.

Well, the package depends on a version that usually comes with a pc
file. Are you sure the installed version would be sufficient?

> Judging by the lack of interest in this thread, I'm here on my
> own. I consider creating those missing .pc files by myself. Wouldn't
> this be a good idea for a kind of "native-x-server-support package"?

IMHO: It's much effort for a little gain in build time and hard disk
space. For me, the personal-time vs. disk-space/build-time tradeoff
wouldn't pay off.

If you want to invest the time, you could probably extend the
x11-links package to provide matching .pc files for your installation.


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