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Re: Some X programs don't build with native X window system

Hi all,

> > Hi all,
> > I'm running sparc/solaris 9 und use Sun's X window system. I didn't
> > define X11_TYPE in mk.conf.
> > Some configure scripts are looking via pkg_config for x11.pc, xt.pc,
> > xext.pc, xmu.pc etc. These files don't come with Sun's X window
> > system. Hence, the configure script aborts and the whole build process
> > fails.
> Try to set X11_TYPE=modular in mk.conf. This will add a lot of X
> libraries to dependencies but will work.

That's what I want to avoid.

For me, it's a bug in the configure script. Judging by the lack of interest in 
this thread, I'm here on my own. I consider creating those missing .pc files by 
myself. Wouldn't this be a good idea for a kind of "native-x-server-support 



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