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Re: Fwd: sound problem with firefox 3.6

Please include the list in your replies, so that other subscribers can
follow the
conversation and help out if they know something I don't.

On Tue, 22 Feb 2011 22:31 +0100, "Ulisse Agresti" <>
> *1- What OS/architecture?*
> R)
> uname -a
>  NetBSD 5.1 (GENERIC) #0: Sun Nov  7 14:39:56 UTC 2010
> i386
> *2- What do you mean by "everywhere": what exactly have you tried
> that successfully produced audio output, what did you try that failed
> to do so? *
> R)
> I installed Mplayer (mplayer-1.0rc20100913nb5). Music files are executed
> correctly (i.e.  .mp3).
> Audio is not heard with firefox (ie youtube, etc. ..)

Have you tried any non-flash audio?  Is this a firefox problem or a
flash problem?

> *3- Which version of firefox are you running ?  *
> R)
> firefox-3.6.13nb1
> *4- which version of flash-plugins? *
> R)
> adobe-flash-plugin-
> *5- The linux binary versions or the native NetBSD versions? *
> R)
> netbsd version(I'm not sure)

Looks like you're running native NetBSD firefox with a Linux flash-
plugin (adobe-flash-plugin is the Linux x86 binary plugin).  I think
that's supposed to work thanks to nspluginwrapper, but I haven't used
that functionality in a very long time; can someone who has chime in?

> *6- If you start firefox from a terminal and then try to play audio, do
> you
> see any error
> messages on the terminal?*
> R)
> this test, I've never done.
> well, this is the log:
> LoadPlugin: failed to initialize shared library
> /usr/pkg/lib/netscape/plugins/ [Shared object
> ""
> not found]
> (npviewer.bin:712): Gdk-WARNING **: Error converting from UTF-8 to
> Conversion from character set 'UTF-8' to 'ISO-8859-1' is not supported

That's odd, based on the first error message I wouldn't expect flash to
work at all.  Does flash video work?  I.e. is it really just the audio
output that's broken, or is flash simply not working?

> *7- Are you running an environment like KDE or
> GNOME that has its own audio management infrastructure?*
> R)
> I installed WindowMaker

I don't think WindowMaker touches the audio system; that simplifies

Ian Leroux

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