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Re: Fwd: sound problem with firefox 3.6

On Tue, 22 Feb 2011 10:21 +0100, "Ulisse Agresti" <>
> Please, how can I fix sound problem? Sound works everywhere. audio not
> working in Firefox (i.e. youtube, etc...) maybe problem with flash-
> plugins?

You'll have to provide a bit more detail before we'll be able to provide
constructive help.  What OS/architecture? What do you mean by
"everywhere": what exactly have you tried that successfully produced
audio output, what did you try that failed to do so?  Which version of
firefox are you running, which version of flash-plugins?  The linux
binary versions or the native NetBSD versions?  If you start firefox
from a terminal and then try to play audio, do you see any error
messages on the terminal?  Are you running an environment like KDE or
GNOME that has its own audio management infrastructure?

Ian Leroux

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