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Re: installation prefix with pkgsrc including non-BSD: always /usr/pkg?

On 13 February 2011 08:59, Alistair Crooks <> wrote:
> PS. ÂSometimes there are good reasons for putting files into different
> places in the hierarchy. Âgrub and lilo, for instance, on linux.
> Statically-linked shells on any platform where /usr may be on a
> different partition to /. ÂNow I recognise that these should be the
> exceptions rather than the rule, and, indeed, that is how they are in
> pkgsrc. ÂBut telling me that I can't do that - thanks, but think
> again, please.

Thank you for the explanation.  I am not competent to comment on the
design decisions, but as a user (who really appreciates pkgsrc and
NetBSD), is there an easy way to know which packages have put files
outside the usual prefix?  I can think of

    pkg_info -L '*' | grep -v ^/usr/pkg

but there may be a more elegant/natural way.  Also, it could perhaps
be helpful if, in general, such packages reminded the user that some
files have been placed outside the usual $PREFIX.  I also looked at
the example you provided (standalone-tcsh); there is not much
information in the PLIST suggesting that the files go somewhere
unusual (for that you need to look at the Makefile to see that $PREFIX
has been reassigned), although this is mentioned in DESCR.

For several years, I had been under the wrong impression that
everything pkgsrc-related went under /usr/pkg (and /var/db/pkg*)...


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