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shared libs on solars

Hi all,

I have compiled gcc into /usr/gcc. I designated this as my "system c compiler" 
to be used for pkgsrc (and everything else).

To avoid dealing with gcc's shared libs ( and, I 
configured gcc with --disabled-shared.

that breaks some packages such as devel/gmp. Gmp builds a shared lib and wants 
to link libstdc++.a. Linking a non-shared lib to a shared lib doesn't work.

Is there a way around that?

Next try. I configured gcc with enable-shared=libstc++. Now g++ compiled 
program's don't find libstdc++. Apparently, the pkgsrc framework does not add 
-R /usr/gcc/lib to g++.

What is the cleanest solution for this in the pkgsrc framework?



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