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Re: installation prefix with pkgsrc including non-BSD: always /usr/pkg?

[Alistair Crooks]
> There is no reason to impose arbitrary restrictions on where packages place
> packages.

[Joerg Sonnenberger]
> There are good reasons for this "arbitrary" restrictions, but I don't
> care enough to repeat them again. This discussion is too old. Since
> there is only one package violating this, I don't bother.

Please pardon my intrusion, as I am certainly too naÃve to know all of
the arguments in favour of either position; but, just as a simple
end-user, one of the primary attractions of pkgsrc for me has always
been that (I thought) it would keep clear of the base system, so that
switching between base and pkgsrc versions of system programs would be
a matter of the order in which they appeared in $PATH, plus the
confidence that nothing outside /usr/pkg depended on pkgsrc so that I
could simply nuke /usr/pkg and restart from scratch whenever I wanted
to (but maybe this is just because I mentally--and somewhat
arbitrarily--separate the "base" system from "optional" packages,
which is rather different from the debian mindset, say).


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