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vlc-1.1.5 imported to pkgsrc-wip with x264-devel and ffmpeg

In the pkgsrc-wip-discuss mailing list,
David Brownlee replied as:
| Subject: Re: vlc-1.1.5 ask for x264-devel, ffmpeg updated, and spawn.h
| Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2011 10:48:53 +0000
| Message-ID: 

     > - x264-devel to be updated to build 84 (20100201) at least
     > - ffmpeg to be something new, probably 0.6.1
     > - (libX11 is to be 1.3.5 or later which is already true in -current)

     > (Is this kind of inquiry to be on pkgsrc-users@ instead ?)

abs> I think pkgsrc-users is more common for this.

Thanks, I have imported following on pkgsrc/wip CVS repository. 
  x264-devel  20100201
  ffmpeg      0.6.1
  vlc         1.1.5

With this combination,
vlc-1.1.5 works on NetBSD/i386 release 5.1, meaning 
I am able to watch the *.mpg file of recorded TV programs
(with several noisy warnings).

Another instance on NetBSD/amd64 STABLE 5.0 gets 
Bad system call even with vlc --help
zsh: invalid system call (core dumped)
Previous version: vlc-1.0.6nb5.tgz works on this environment.
I will check the versions of DEPENDS packages on amd64 case.

I will check the possibility of x264-devel version to 2011010x
update also.

Any comments, works or not works report, or
modification to wip repository are welcome. 
Thanks a lot,
Makoto Fujiwara

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