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Re: HEADS-UP: PostgreSQL update

On 20.12.2010, at 13:06, Adam wrote:

>>>> I cleaned up and updated PostgreSQL packages. PkgSrc changes include:
>>>> * PG_SUBPREFIX support has been removed.
>>> I object this change. Bring it back, please.
>> Ditto. As I said, I have not been using this, but now planned to. Especially 
>> in the case of PostgreSQL, being able to keep two versions installed at the 
>> same time is a very useful bonus (IMO).
> You can't install two versions of PostgreSQL, because they'll CONFLICT with 
> each other. Therefore, PG_SUBPREFIX doesn't make much sense.

I thought I'd post my update on this thread. While the above is a 
contradiction, because the purpose of PG_SUBPREFIX was to avoid the CONFLICT, 
after playing with PG_SUBPREFIX for a few days (from before this update, and 
because I didn't know of its existence), I realized that it was no good really. 
Lots of fixing was needed to make postgresql(84|90)-(client|server) install 
nicely together, and when I was there, I discovered that now every other 
pgsql-depending package needed fixing, from to Makefiles and what 
not. In other words, not there and not ready at all.

I still believe this would be a great option to have, but I'm not ready to run 
through this world and make it work with everything. In other words, I don't 
object the removal any more; it never worked properly.


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