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Re: The correct way to configure compiler flags.

It's just a small gotcha, but I think putting a short blurb at the top
of mk.conf(5) about its dual purpose (including mention of the
BSD_PKG_MK variable) would help.  Looking at it again, the list headers
hint at a distinction between system and pkgsrc variables, but a more
explicit description of the situation is probably appropriate.

I'll leave it to somebody else with a greater clue to do the writeup if
they agree that mk.conf(5) could be improved.

On 10/19/2010 03:48 PM, Aleksej Saushev wrote:
> Roland Illig <> writes:
>> mk.conf(5) describes the build configuration for the base system. This
>> is something very different from pkgsrc. It's just that they happen to
>> use the same file for configuration (mostly for historic reasons).
>> And this is the reason for the "preprocessor directive" BSD_PKG_MK that
>> can be used in mk.conf:
>>     .ifdef BSD_PKG_MK
>>     # pkgsrc configuration follows
>>     CFLAGS += -Os
>>     .else
>>     # base system configuration follows
>>     COPT += -Os
>>     .endif
> A user had the same problem on IRC today, perhaps this should be stressed.

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