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Re: The correct way to configure compiler flags.

Am 18.10.2010 23:53, schrieb Charles McGarvey:
> Unless I'm misunderstanding, the pkgsrc guide is at odds with the
> mk.conf manual page with regards to configuring compiler flags.  Section
> 5.4.2 in the pkgsrc guide says that compiler flags should be explicitly
> appended to CFLAGS, whereas mk.conf(5) says to use COPTS and CPUFLAGS
> and never to set CFLAGS in mk.conf.  Which is correct?
> Also see:
> mk.conf(5)

mk.conf(5) describes the build configuration for the base system. This
is something very different from pkgsrc. It's just that they happen to
use the same file for configuration (mostly for historic reasons).

And this is the reason for the "preprocessor directive" BSD_PKG_MK that
can be used in mk.conf:

    .ifdef BSD_PKG_MK
    # pkgsrc configuration follows
    CFLAGS += -Os

    # base system configuration follows
    COPT += -Os



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