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De me, and on the way he told me of thee and thy homest

H troubled look at the angel's unruffled
face. Then the Emperor

Valmond laughed and said: "Brother, methinks you have strange taste to
keep a madman for your court-jester!"

It seemed quite evident to the bystanders that what the Emperor said
was very true,

and once more, baffled and disgraced, the poor jester was roughly
back among the wondering crowd. [Illustration] The week was spent in
prayer and stately rejoicing till at length Easter

Sunday dawned upon the world. The presence of the angel filled the city

with gladness and the hearts of men with piety. Even the wretched
felt the influence of some gracious power, and, kneeling on the floor
of his cell, he humbly bowed his head in prayer. He felt new strength
rising within
him, and new resolves, strangely meek ones for so proud a King, were
made by him on that glorious Easter morn. The next day the three royal
brothers bade each other farewell. Emperor Valmond made his way
northward to his kingdom
by the Danube, while the angel journeyed southward through the towns of
Italy. Once more the people marveled at the magnificence of his train,
and once
more the jester became the laughing-stock of all the watching
crowds, but he rode on unheeding.
His mad anger was stilled and he began at last to realize
that he had indeed deserved his dreadful punishment. When the town of
Salerno was reached the journey was continued by sea, and soon the
royal retinue was safe within the walls of Palermo. Seated on his
throne in the great hall, the angel listened dreamily to the convent
bells, which sounded to him like voices from another
world. Presently he roused himself from his meditations, and, with a
gesture of his hand, bade the rest of
the court retire, and beckoned the jester to draw

near him. When the t

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