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For a long time they remained thus, clasped together, so motionless t

husband's brother--"I wonder how Major Harper would look on horseback?"
"What did you say? The wind blew that sentence away." She hardly liked
to repeat it exactly, but said something about Major Harper and his
coming down to Dorset. Nathanael spurred his horse forward without
A minute afterwards he returned to his wife's side, bringing
her a great bunch of heather, with yellow gorse mixed, and made jokes
about the Dorsetshire saying, "When gorse is out of bloom kissing's out
of season." And evermore he looked secretly at her, to notice if she
laughed and was happy, had roses on her cheeks, and pleasure in her
eyes. Seeing this, the husband appeared
contented and at ease.
They and the Dugdales rode merrily into Kingcombe, much to that good
town's astonishment. The equestrian quartette at Marmaduke's door was a
sight that the worthy inhabitants of that sleepy street would not get
over for a week. Everybody gathered

at doors and windows, and a small group of farmers at the market
quadrangle stared with all their eyes. The sensation created
was enormous, and likewise the crowd,--almost as dense as a wandering
juggler gathers in a quiet suburban London street! Agatha, passing
through it, laughed till she could laugh no longer. Her husband, pleased
at her gaiety, came to lift her off her horse. "Not a bit of it!" Mrs.
Dugdale cried. "Keep your seat, Agatha; no time to lose; on we go in a
minute, when Duke has been to get

his letters. Here, Brian, my pet."--There had rushed out round her horse
a cluster of infantine Dugdales.--"Lift Brian up here, Uncle
Nathanael, and I'll give him a canter. Bravo! He's Pa's own boy, born
for a rider! Come along, Auntie Agatha." Agatha would willingly have
followed down the street. She was amused by the daring of the mother and
the boy, and amused especially by her new titl

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