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Re: use native Java on Solaris?

Larson, Timothy E. schrieb:
I'm not looking forward to the time it takes to build Java, but
maybe this is the best solution for me, then.

Building lang/sun-jdk6 gives the following error:
ERROR: This package has set PKG_FAIL_REASON:
ERROR: sun-jdk6-6.0.20 is not available for SunOS-5.9-sparc
*** Error code 255

I cannot find where it is coming from.  I don't see any Sun/sparc
NOT_FOR_PLATFORM anywhere in pkgsrc that seems to be related.  I
wouldn't think Java would be in an ONLY_FOR_PLATFORM situation,
either.  (But I could be wrong!)

Try this:
$ grep -r "is not available for \\\$" mk/

In this case, it's the I don't know how to fix that though.


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