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misc/gnome-utils: PLIST.Linux (gfloppy) should be removed


trying to build misc/gnome-utils on Ubuntu Linux 6.06 failed because it could not find files for the gfloppy tool:

pkg_create: can't stat `/opt/pkgsrc/work/pkgsrc/misc/gnome-utils/default/.destdir/opt/pkgsrc/bin/gfloppy' pkg_create: can't stat `/opt/pkgsrc/work/pkgsrc/misc/gnome-utils/default/.destdir/opt/pkgsrc/man/man1/gfloppy.1'

Apparently gfloppy is not part of gnome-utils anymore (last seen in gnome-utils-2.26), but PLIST.Linux still lists these files. Without PLIST.Linux, the build succeeds.

I think it should be ok to simply remove PLIST.Linux.


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