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Re: pkgin don't found some packages


On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 3:46 PM, Victor Dorneanu <> wrote:
You could add the package manually:

pkg_add <put url here>

Yes, it's cool, but sometime it return error whiel trying to delete some files or can't install properly a package.

# pkg_add -v gnome-session

Send several error, trying to delete some files and exit without complete the installation process.

pkg_add: Could Not remove /usr/pkg/share/locale/es/LC_MESSAGES/

# pkgin install xpdf  

try to install xpdf and the complete pkgsrc maybe, a lot of dependencies, too much  packages not necessary, maybe need refinement.


What does "pkgin search gnome-session" tell you ?

don't found anything. Whenever in the ftp if exist.


On 07/26/10 17:33, Francisco Valladolid wrote:
> Hi.
> While using pkgin from the last pkgsrc_2010Q2 stable branch, sometimes
> it don't found some packages in the repositorie, example:
> #pkgin install gnome-session
> gnome-session is not available on the repository
> nothing to do.
> Whenever, gnome-session is in the pkgsrc_2010Q2 binary packages tree.
> Exist another way ?
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> Francisco Valladolid H.
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