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VDPAU support for movie players in pkgsrc, request for importing

Hello all.

Recently I sent two PRs about VDPAU.

   pkg/43657 [serious/medium]:
      Import wip/libvdpau to pkgsrc

   pkg/43658 [serious/medium]:
      VDPAU support for multimedia/mplayer [patch]

VDPAU is described here

In short, this is API and library for FreeBSD, Linux and [Open]Solaris
(unfortunately there is no support for NetBSD) that allows video
programs to offload portions of the video decoding process and video
post-processing to the GPU video-hardware, currently NVIDIA's latest
graphic cards.

I'm asking pkgsrc developers to import libvdpau and patch mplayer in
this mailing list because Adam Hoka, maintainer of mplayer, said he is
busy and cannot do this.

P.S.  Last years, Atom-based and even ARM-based devices capable of VDPAU
becomes more and more popular, so I think VDPAU is important feature for
pkgsrc. No holywars about propriatory drivers please ;-) Non-NVIDIA's
implementations are coming, or at least possible, API is open.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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