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Re: Bulkbuild Questions

On Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 04:15:38PM +0200, Daniel Vergien wrote:
> * I do install pkgtool/pbulk in /opt/pkgsrcpbulk?


> * I configure the mk.conf in /opt/pkgsrc so that it fits for the binaries?

Yes. Build the bootstrap kit either from the modified tree or by using
bootstrap --mk-fragment <file with the modified options>
--gzip-binary-kit $dst
and put $dst in pbulk.conf

> * I configure /opt/pkgsrc/etc/pbulk.conf to use /opt/pkgsrc as the prefix?


> * it finds out to use a selfbuild gcc44 because it understand
> /opt/pkgsrc/etc/mk.conf ?

I think the easiest approach is to install gcc44 to /opt/pkgsrcpbulk and
to prepend /opt/pkgsrcpbulk/gcc/bin to PATH. That way it should be the
first compiler to be picked up and avoids the complications of the
circular dependencies.

> * How do I create the fitting bootstrap.tar.gz kit?

See above.


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