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Bulkbuild Questions


I want to do a bulk-build for pkgsrc on solaris. But reading the docu does not really make me understand what to do.
Here is what I want:
* the binaries shall install to /opt/pkgsrc
* they shall be build with the gcc44 from pkgsrc
* they shall only depend on this gcc not on the one in /usr/sfw/bin

Here is what I understood:

* I need to pkgsrc installations: /opt/pkgsrc and /opt/pkgsrcpbulk

And here comes what I'm not sure about:

* I do install pkgtool/pbulk in /opt/pkgsrcpbulk?
* I configure the mk.conf in /opt/pkgsrc so that it fits for the binaries?
* I configure /opt/pkgsrc/etc/pbulk.conf to use /opt/pkgsrc as the prefix?
* it finds out to use a selfbuild gcc44 because it understand /opt/pkgsrc/etc/mk.conf ?
* How do I create the fitting bootstrap.tar.gz kit?

Sorry for asking so much, but building gcc takes time so I want to avoid building it too often.



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