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Re: Dependencies of meta-pkgs/gnome

"Jeremy C. Reed" <> writes:

> On Thu, 22 Apr 2010, Julio Merino wrote:
>> So here comes an idea: what about renaming meta-pkgs/gnome to
>> meta-pkgs/gnome-desktop to match upstream,
> Sounds good. And the DESCR note that it matches upstream (and point to a 
> URL for that list).

Agreed, and especially about DESCR.

>> and then we create another package (be it gnome-lite, gnome-pkgsrc, 
>> gnome-suggested, gnome-supported, gnome, or whatever) that provides 
>> what *we*, pkgsrc, think is a more reasonable set for our users?
> That sounds good.

(sorry for being redundant with previous mail)

Agreed, but there's a subtle point that out gnome-base(whatever) is not
about what we think is reasonable for a user to have installed.  It's
about providing a simple way for a user to install a set of stuff that
we think many such users will want.  I would expect that most people
would install gnome-base and then pick a few more things that they
actually want.  There's no intent to tell people what they should do -
just "If what you want is basic gnome and a few programs but not
everything, install gnome-base and then the extra things you want."

Put another way, I see pkgsrc as a bit less about being normative and a
bit more about making common wishes easy to satisfy.  (I think we're in
agreement but thought I should say this explicitly.)

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