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Re: Dependencies of meta-pkgs/gnome [was Re: Adding a gnome-lite package]

On Thu, 22 Apr 2010, Julio Merino wrote:

> So here comes an idea: what about renaming meta-pkgs/gnome to
> meta-pkgs/gnome-desktop to match upstream,

Sounds good. And the DESCR note that it matches upstream (and point to a 
URL for that list).

> and then we create another package (be it gnome-lite, gnome-pkgsrc, 
> gnome-suggested, gnome-supported, gnome, or whatever) that provides 
> what *we*, pkgsrc, think is a more reasonable set for our users?

That sounds good.

Also there is desktop-gnome which is supposed to match up to Application 
Stack at
(some are confused since it has full GNOME plus alternatives installed, 
like two browsers, two mail clients).

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