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firefox 3.5.8 and NetBSD

Hello everyone,

It's been a long time since I had this trouble (2009Q3 if my memory
tell me the truth and firefox 3.5.something) and now I've updated on
firefox 3.5.8 and the problem seems to be still here:
on NetBSD i386 I have sound with nspluginwrapper/flash but not with
the native HTML5 video tag
on NetBSD amd64 I have no sound neither from nspluginwrapper/flash nor
the HTML5 video tag

is there something that must be configure to tell firefox to use
/dev/audio oss device for the HTML5 video tag (I've read somewhere for
flash it's because on amd64 the linux emulation layer is a 32bit one
(it install itself on /emul/linux32)) but what about the video tag? is
there some way to tell firefox to use /dev/audio oss device?

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