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RE: www/midori problems

> > Because EOL style of "ast.po" is CRLF, not LF, so msgfmt will be
> > failed to handle it.
> OK, that makes sense.
> > (for me, midori crashed, not usable).
> Do you have python 2.5 installed?  I still can't get 0.2.3 to build
> on my NB 5.0.2 system with Python 2.6.  I get to the same point as I
> did with the 0.1.9 version, then have the same problem.  I don't
> know if it's something specific to the version of python being used,
> but if someone using Python 2.5 could try these patches, that would
> be appreciated.

I submitted a bug report to Midori, and got this response:

It looks to me like your python install is either wrongly compiled or not 
properly installed. I tried the build on different Python versions and systems. 
I never encountered such an error within a proper environment.

If another python2.6 user could try this out for verification purposes, that 
would be most helpful.  I didn't do anything unusual when installing Python, so 
I'm not sure what would be wrong or improper.  (The bug number is FS#753 if 
anyone is interested.)

Tim Larson
App Admin, Intercall Production Services

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