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Re: Testers needed for erlang

It failed for me as well. I tried to compile Erlang outside pkgsrc and it passes the tests...

# uname -srm
NetBSD 5.99.24 amd64
# tar xzf /home/distfiles/erlang/otp_src_R13B04.tar.gz

# cd otp_src_R13B04
# grep -rl /usr/bin/perl * | while read i
    sed 's+/usr/bin/perl+/usr/pkg/bin/perl+g' < $i > $i.fixed
    /bin/mv $i.fixed $i
# ./configure --enable-threads --enable-smp-support --enable-kernel-poll \
  --enable-hipe --prefix=/tmp/erlang13b04
# gmake && gmake install
# export PATH=/tmp/erlang13b04/bin:$PATH
# export ERL_TOP=`pwd`
# gmake tests

I'll take a look at this later this week. Or if you guys have time, please investigate this further.


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