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tetex and texlive - what should I be doing?

It certainly looks like a lot of work has gone into replacing tetex with
texlive in pkgsrc.  But I am a little confused as to what I should be
doing.  pkg_rolling-replace hit a lot of conflicts, so I just did
pkg_delete -r on all my tex stuff that caused problems and have some new
tex packages.

Which package should I install in order to get a relatively complete tex
setup?  Basically I want

  all the normal latex packages.

is it still print/teTeX, but now the guts are texlive?  Does tetex live
on within texlive, just not maintained outside?

Sorry for being dense; I've been using tex for 27 years, scarily enough,
and am in a twisty maze of little packages, all alike.  I know the world
is better now, so I don't mean to complain, but I suspect many people
are in the same boat and could use a hint.

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