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Re: default option set for math/octave depends on non-free software

Taylor R Campbell <> writes:

> By default, math/octave has the option hdf5 enabled, which makes it
> depend on devel/hdf5, which in turn has the option szip enabled, which
> makes it depend on the non-free software archivers/szip.
> I wish that nothing that is itself free software in pkgsrc would
> depend on non-free software by default.  (I'd rather not see non-free
> software in pkgsrc at all, but that's a separate issue.)  It seems
> especially silly that for a GNU program such as GNU Octave, pkgsrc
> would do that!

I strongly object the policy of shipping underpowered software just
because of questionable political reasons. If a user expects legal
problems, he can turn the option off.


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